Jinsha y fifth middle school political history group teaching research activities.

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Teacher luo wenyan.

    On the morning of November 27, 2012, the teaching and research activities of jinsha wuzhong political history group were carried out in the high grade two arts class, and all the teachers of the political history group participated in the activity.

        Wang weiqiu, luo mingzhong and luo wenyan, three teachers in the history discipline, showed a unique and heterogeneous style in the course of "Renaissance man's humanity". Wang weiqiu introduced the subject with "a moment of appreciation: the work of Mona Lisa", which aroused the students' desire for learning. Luo mingzhong from the life example, vivid image to show the theme; Luo wenyan with the "tears of the Mona Lisa" by Lin zhixuan made the students intoxicated with the study. They reintegrate the knowledge of the textbook, and the methods of classroom teaching are diversified, and the methods of teaching, students' feelings and interaction are generally adopted. They show the professionalism of teachers with the standard language, unrestrained vigor and passion.

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